2012 Innovative New Program, Study Abroad Award: CAPA International Education

GoAbroad Innovative New Program


During the 2012 NAFSA Conference and Expo, the GoAbroad Team was pleased to announce the winners of the 2012 Innovation Awards. As part of a continued effort to recognize the hard work and dedication this year’s nominees, GoAbroad will be sharing individual features of the 2012 GoAbroad Innovation Awards finalists over the coming weeks. This week, we are thrilled to bring you the Innovative New Program, Study Abroad Award finalists!

Please join us in congratulating the following Finalist of the Innovative New Program, Study Abroad Award:


CAPA International Education

CAPA International Education

“Analyzing and Exploring the Global City“


Analyzing and Exploring the Global City is a new ‘capstone’ program currently offered in London, Sydney, Florence and Beijing by CAPA International Education, which is designed to capitalize on opportunities for comparative research. In each program, a local version of this course focuses on the historical development of each of these global cities (or cities which aspire to be global), and investigates the contemporary nature and implications of their ‘globality’ in terms of their distinctive social, economic, cultural and political landscapes. Local versions of the course also examine how each city has been transformed in different ways by the forces of industrialization, imperialism and globalization and consider the ways in which each city and its inhabitants have been shaped by their dynamic relationships with the wider world.


Students gain insights into each site’s changing identity as a world city, with a particular emphasis on analyzing the ways in which past and present, local and global, universal and particular intertwine in the city.


Congratulations to CAPA International Education for being selected as a 2012 Finalist of the Innovative New Program, Study Abroad Award!

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