5 Reasons You Should Source More Reviews on GoAbroad

“Over 90% of customers say buying decisions are influenced by online reviews” according to Marketingland. 90%! That’s a higher number than we expected, and only further emphasizes the need for international travel organizations—like yours—to be proactive in seeking public feedback via reviews online. We know gathering online reviews isn’t the funnest part of any marketer’s job, but the data shows they’re becoming an increasingly necessary part of building a legitimate online reputation.

When it comes to booking travel experiences, reading reviews is nothing short of essential to making a decision. Travelers are literally putting their lives in your hands and want to feel utmost confidence in the organization from the get-go. Luckily, GoAbroad is here to cheer for you and sing your glories loud and proud. We’re a more focused, travel-oriented reviews engine than you can find on Google, and millions of users agree that we’re the go-to resource for factual, updated, recent reviews.

Here are five reasons we believe getting travel program reviews on GoAbroad should be your next highest priority:

1. Gain Real Life Personal Recommendations

According to Inc.com, over 80% of users “trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.” Even if your alumni referral programs are great, you likely can’t even begin to get personal recommendations to all 1 million+ GoAbroad users every month!

reviews on GoAbroad

2. Provoke Action from Prospective Participants

The best way to optimize your programs on GoAbroad is to do everything you can to encourage users to join your programs—translation: Get Reviews! “72% of consumers will take action only after reading a positive review”, according to Business2Community, so adding reviews to your GoAbroad program listing should be a no brainer!

3. Take Advantage of Reviews’ Search Engine Result Features

We do everything we can to optimize our Search Engine results so you can not only gain more traffic on our website, but also through the numerous Google searches that happen every day. By adding reviews to your GoAbroad profile, you can ensure your program listing result on Google has the highly coveted Reviews Search Engine Result feature.

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4. Earn a Spot on Our Annual Top Rated List

Every year we announce the best of the best across a variety of travel types based on GoAbroad reviews gathered within a single calendar year. Rating both organizations and programs individually, our Top Rated List has gotten more attention with every year and we’re eager to announce the 2018 winners in early 2019!

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5. Get a Boost to Your GoAbroad Ranking

Haven’t you already heard?! The number of reviews you have on your GoAbroad program listing factors into our complex ranking algorithm. Getting just a few more reviews than your closest competitors may just get you one place higher on our targeted search results pages.

What are you waiting for?

Start collecting more reviews today.

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