Top 5 Recommended Online Marketing Tools for International Educators

Ladies and gents, welcome to the era of digital marketing. Want to achieve success as an international program provider? Two words: Get online! However, getting online is the easy part, but achieving an online global empire can be a bit trickier. No worries though, use our five top recommended online marketing tools for international educators to help you achieve a plan and execute an effective (and awesome) online marketing strategy!

Amazing online marketing tools for international educators

1. Hootsuite

With so many social media channels to keep up with, it can be hard to manage each platform individually. By using Hootsuite, you can schedule all of your posts in advance and save some valuable time. Hootsuite will even let you reply to comments and mentions through dashboard, which can save time and improve response rate. With a central dashboard, as seen below, managing each platform can be done in an efficient and successful manner by ensuring that all profiles are kept current each day (without having to lift a finger).

online marketing tools for international educators—Hootsuite
Yes… Hootsuite lets you do THAT. Organize all of your social media feeds on to one dashboard and schedule posts ahead of time so you can always stay connected.

Another great feature that Hootsuite offers is the ability to collaborate with team members (social media isn’t always a one man show). It’s easy to share idea for different platforms and accepting/requested ideas between members. Even better, you’ll be able to track all of your progress by creating reports that can measure follower growth over time, along with popular keyword mentions.

2. Moz

GoAbroad is obsessed with Moz, especially for creating our articles (and that’s why you see so many of them in your Google results pages!). Want your content to rank? Well implementing effective SEO strategy is the KEY! Moz is one of our recommended online marketing tools for international educators because it’s a subscription-based product that can help you:

  • Conduct Keyword research
  • Improve rankings
  • Conduct competition analysis

By finding out what people are searching for, you will be able to create that content that is unique and relevant. Using Moz’s keyword tool will help you identify the monthly search volumes, ranking difficulties, keyword analysis, and suggestions of certain phrases.

Another valuable tool is Moz’s Site Crawl. They will crawl your site and check for SEO inefficiencies. This can range by ensuring that your page has good code, functioning links, and no duplicate content. These SEO issues can destroy your rankings so it’s imperative to use this resource and ensure that everything is in prime condition.

Lastly, Open Site Explorer will give you valuable information about your competitors that you can use to test out which keywords are worth fighting for and which are not. For more tips on Moz, check out this guide!

digital marketing tools for international educators
Online marketing can make or break your company—use your resources!

3. Hubspot

Hubspot is leading the world in their approach and execution of Inbound Marketing & Sales software. This platform is a powerhouse that combines all your necessary inbound marketing tools into one. With over 34,000 partner agencies in more than 90 countries, their award-winning software and support is both powerful and effective. Below are just a few of their bad@$$ tools:

Email Everything

  • Using HubSpot’s drag-and-drop feature, you’ll be able to create branded email templates or choose from an extensive library. You can also tailor each email to each subscriber by including name personalization (thus generating a higher open rate).
  • Even better, you can schedule your email campaigns for the most optimal time regardless of time zones.
  • Email tracking will allow you to get a notification the exact moment a prospect opens an email and clicks a link (thus allowing for perfectly timed follow ups).


  • Hubspot will create professional CTA pop-ups that you can then insert into your web pages, blogs, landing pages etc.
  • These CTA’s will ask your page visitors to visit your website, subscribe to your newsletter, schedule an online meeting, download content etc
  • Thanks to Hubspot’s customization feature, these CTA’s will be personalized for a better user experience.

Schedule Meetings

  • Hubspot’s meeting widgets will sync with your calendar so that prospects can see certain date availabilities—an awesome feature for online marketing tools for international educators.

Customized Reports

  • With all of your data in one place, reporting metrics using HubSpot Marketing has never been easier! Any data from their apps can be customized towards your needs.
  • Even better, there plenty of reporting templates to choose from. Present specific metrics using a variety of charts and create an unlimited number of dashboards to organize all of that useful data.

These are only a few of the awesome resources HubSpot will provide you with. For more, read 23 reasons on why you should use HubSpot.

4. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a collaborative social media management platform that promotes communication between businesses and people. Its three main functionalities include publishing, engagement, and analytics. Below are just some of the tools offered:

  • Social CRM
  • Account Structure
  • Smart Inbox
  • Analytics
  • Mobile Optimization

These online marketing tools for international educators, besides helping you create a social media empire, also shares a lot of amazing and educational content. Sprout Social does an astounding job of posting useful and relatable articles. Get the breakdown on social strategy, community management, analytic tools, product updates, and more. Sprout Social is the go to for current trends in the digital marketing industry.

Check out their blog for more important resources.

5. Google Analytics

online marketing tools for international educators
If you’re not using Google Analytics yet, GET ON THIS TRAIN.

Let’s be honest, there are very few times when Google data has let us down (except for when you wish its stats were a little higher 🙈). So it should come to no surprise that their software platform made it on our list! Google Analytics is a free web analytics service that allows you to analyze in-depth detail about your websites visitors. These insights can prove to be very valuable in helping shape the strategy of your business. Here’s how Google Analytics can help your organization:

You can track who’s visiting your website

  • Of COURSE your organization is going to want to see where your leads are coming from! Are you getting more viewers from North America or Europe? Which region should you market to more? With Google Analytics, you’ll get all the info you need in terms of demographics, geography and a users general interests online.

Keep track of your most popular pages

  • It’s the goal for any website to increase traffic and leads. Find out which pages are performing the best and which ones need some improvement.
  • Google Analytics will also help you keep track of all your content that generates views and shares by providing a breakdown.

Make sure you’re meeting your goals!

  • If you click on the “Goals” tab under “Conversion,” you’ll be able to track the growth and progress of your organization. Assigning goals can also help you track the customer’s journey based on their actions. Are they just browsing through or actually signing up for more information? Get all the conversion deets to help bring your company to the top!

Google already does so much for us, but with Analytics it just gets better. Using this free service will help your company focus their marketing efforts towards the right direction.

Keep aiming to build a brand that captures meaning & excellence🏆

There are hundreds, if not thousands of online tools that can help you with all of your marketing needs. Having a strategy that leverages the power of social media and uses SEO to drive traffic will be the key to your success. Don’t take these resources for granted and check out some other useful resources.

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