5 Ways to WOW Us On Your GoAbroad Internship Institute App

Are YOU a college student or recent grad in need of something to do this summer besides binge watching Netflix and sending excessive Snapchats?

Does the idea of doing an internship sound appealing not only because Mom and Dad will approve, but also because you’re up for a challenge and ready to develop some seriously bad@#s professional skills?

GoAbroad’s 2015 Internship Institute Participants
GoAbroad’s 2015 Internship Institute Participants

Can you HOLD YOUR OWN in a fast-paced, innovative, start-up-esque business environment where expectations are clearly communicated and high standards are the norm?

Do you appreciate the following things when you’re off the clock?

  • beauteous mountains and climbing them
  • clear blue skies and sunshine
  • a very instagrammable downtown
  • outdoor adventures on the reg
  • delicious brews (both coffee and beer)
  • summer festivals!
  • incredible outdoor music venues


GoAbroad Internship Institute

Then you, my friend, might just be the perfect candidate for the 2016 GoAbroad Summer Internship Institute!

“I loved this internship and opportunity. The people here are incredible and inspiring, and the GoAbroad mission makes me feel like what I’m doing is valuable and life-changing and I’m going to miss it.” ~Ally Cannon, 2014 Participant

But not just any-ol’-intern can fit into our high-functioning team. It takes a special individual, one who actively invests in their personal development and values self-awareness and accountability.

If you still fit the bill, here’s how to stand out from the virtual crowd when applying for one of our 6 internships this summer:


1. Do your homework

In a perfect world, companies like ours wouldn’t be able to tell when you reuse the same cover letter over and over again for all the internships you’re applying for. Enough! We don’t want-no-generic applications. We want you to do your homework – tell us what makes you excited about this internship specifically and our organization specifically.

We want you to want to be here. Our staff <3s coming to work every day. Will you?


“Everyone at GoAbroad has been so helpful, welcoming and enthusiastic about us interns. I felt like I was a part of the team and not just an intern, which was really special. This internship and my future work with GoAbroad is going to open up so many doors for me, and it’s everything that I dreamed it would be and more.” ~Megan Ash, 2014 Participant

 GoAbroad Internship Institute


2. Take advantage of the email body copy

You *could* leave it blank and just submit your resume and cover letter. OR you *could* use your email body copy to really catch our attention. Why not include a bulleted list of the skills you want to focus on developing during your internship-of-choice this summer? This demonstrates investment and forethought. Why not tell us what skills you bring to the table that you know we’re missing? This shows confidence.

There are a myriad of ways you can capitalize on this brief touch point with us. Get creative.


GoAbroad Internship Institute

3. Send a follow up email

Don’t just click “send” on your application and leave the rest up to the fates. Be. Aggressive. Follow up, check in on the status of your application, reiterate your interest and enthusiasm for the position.


4. #LikeUs, Maybe?

Use social media to get on our radar. Tag us in posts, RT, like, pin – you know the drill. The more we see your name pop up, the more likely we are to remember it come time to review our stack of apps. Nothing warms our hearts more than a go-getter like this!


5. Creativity FTW

We’d rather look at a colorful, infographic-driven resume than a stinky black and white one (snOoOozZze). Have you ever thought about creating a video version of your cover letter? This could be a great means for letting us see and hear your passion, and has a way of jumping out at us more than a bunch of words on paper.

We’re innovators. We’re thought-leaders. We’re trend setters. And we need interns with the same intense motivation to keep up and drive change.



Still feeling like this internship is for you? We’re so glad. Head over to our Careers page to find out what positions we’re hiring for, and next steps to complete your star-studded application. Good luck, and we hope to welcome you to Fort Collins for one of our summer 2016 internships!


GoAbroad Internship Institute



“The GoAbroad Internship Institute was, by far, one of the most enriching professional experiences I had while in college. The weekly professional development sessions were my favorite part! They trained me in practical, hands-on knowledge that I was able to implement immediately. I refined my skills in work efficiency and gained valuable knowledge for on- and offline professionalism. My responsibilities were challenging but well guided, giving me the opportunity to problem solve but also feeling confident I could ask questions as needed. My input and feedback were highly valued by everyone at GoAbroad and I am thrilled that my internship has turned into a full time position with this awesome team!” ~Dawn Noyes, 2015 Participant

“The Summer Internship Institute was so great I did it not once, but twice. Rather than spend all summer sleeping late and doin’ the same ol’ same ol’, I got to go to work everyday with an amazing group of people passionate about meaningful travel and international education. Basically living the dream. I learned more during my summer with GoAbroad.com than I ever did sitting in a classroom. The GoAbroad Summer Internship Institute is experiential learning at its finest.” ~Erin Oppenheim, 2014 & 2015 Participant


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