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With so many factors to consider, it’s often no surprise that there are many barriers for students and parents to make the decision to study abroad. Students are encouraged to do their research, ensure that they’ll stay in touch with their parents, understand financial requirements, and most importantly—discuss the overall benefits gained through studying abroad. One of the biggest benefits is the connection between international studies and improved career prospects.

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Class2Career, who has partnered with GoAbroad, helps make this connection tangible for students and parents—and for your organization, the platform provides added value to your students or participants!

Class2Career is a cost effective online coaching platform designed to help job applicants fully prepare for the interview process, align with employer requirements, network to get interviews and manage multiple job pursuits.

In short, Class2Career helps students articulate their many college experiences, and specifically their international experiences, into applicable career skills.

Aligning with Key Research

Succeeding Globally Through International Education and Engagement

“Students today will be competing for jobs with peers around the world, and those jobs will require advanced knowledge and non-routine skills,” said the U.S. Department of Education’s new plan, “Succeeding Globally Through International Education and Engagement.” According to IIE research, “…study abroad has an overall positive impact on the development of a wide range of 21st century job skills expanding career possibilities.”

Key Findings and Conclusions

  • The skills gained through study abroad have a long-term impact on career progression and promotion.
  • We should coach students on how to communicate effectively the skills learned through study abroad to employers.
  • Integrating clear employment-related learning outcomes into the design of study abroad programs adds value.

The IIE research discusses how the critical skills from the study abroad experience can make the student “stellar” in the workplace…if they can effectively communicate that experience. This is exactly what Class2Career will do for your students.

Students returning from study abroad often do not connect their experiences abroad to a particular attribute or strength. After a few months, the trip becomes a great memory. In fact, IIE has found that students learn or build upon valuable strengths which can later be utilized when interviewing for jobs. Employers understand the value of experiencing another culture, but they want to hear about the student’s growth as a person, how they encountered unfamiliar situations, and how they navigated through them. They liken a first corporate experience to a different culture and through an international experience, they can determine a candidate’s ability to take on corporate America.

The Class2Career tool becomes a valuable asset for the traveler as they can actually record and remember their experiences and reflect on what they learned. From this, they can incorporate these experiences in an interview in order to set themselves apart from other applicants. The study abroad experience not only becomes an amazing memory, but now is part of the student’s artillery as they enter the competitive job market.

What’s in the Class2Career Platform?

This online platform is full of robust content to help students understand their strengths and shape their unique stories in a way to effectively align with employer requirements. The Profile Section pictured below is where the students create their stories—a perfect place to combine their international experiences along with their overall strengths.

Class2Career Profile

The Resource Center within the tool has engaging videos and information that shows students how to demystify the interview, turn the interview into a conversation, and control the discussion to ensure that the student aces the interview and stands out from other candidates.


Class2Career also includes a job matching section where students can align their strengths to specific employer requirements—and most importantly, there is a Networking Section for students to build and manage their mentor network.

Connect with Class2Career

Class2Career is connecting with Study Abroad organizations, along with Study Abroad and Internship programs at Colleges/Universities. This is a perfect cost-effective opportunity to provide additional value for your organization, while helping your student applicants articulate and document their experiences!

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Class2Career is offering collaborative ways to provide this resource to your students and customers:

  • Give as a Welcome Gift!
  • Offer to Parents and Students as an Option
  • Become a Partner with Class2Career

We are interested in partnering with you to ensure your customers have the best international experience—one which will be invaluable and connected to enhanced career opportunities.

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