Article Advertising Opportunities Have Arrived

With over 6 million annual visits, our Article Directory is one of the fastest growing directories on, growing by 45% in 2018 alone.

We receive dozens of inquiries a week from travel companies and program providers asking if they can sponsor an article, get a mention in an existing article, or submit a guest post, but until now, we’ve had limited options to meet this increasing interest.

GoAbroad Article Ads

Today, we’re excited to officially announce the launch of GoAbroad Article Advertising, the newest way to reach your target audience and promote meaningful travel experiences!

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How Article Ads Fit Your Marketing Goals

  • You want the chance to reach over 500,000 monthly article readers.
  • You’re dedicated to informing and inspiring travelers.
  • You want to see your brand paired with high quality content that supports your mission.
  • You’re offering an invaluable tool or product aimed at helping travelers.
  • You want to take advantage of GoAbroad’s Google ranking.

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What Are Our Article Advertising Options?

Article Directory Organizational Feature

  • Prominent Banner Ad on all articles associated with the selected directory only
  • Gets your brand in front of over 500,000 thousand article readers every month
  • Exclusive to one client per month

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Article Directory Feature

  • Exclusive Sidebar Ad on all articles associated with a selected directory only
  • Prominent visibility to over 500,000 thousand monthly article directory visitors
  • Features your logo, preferred image, text, and link

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Article Destination Feature

  • Prominent Sidebar Ad on all articles associated with the selected directory and specific country destination (Note: Limited country availability)
  • Visibility to users with a specific interest in directory and destination of choice
  • Exclusive to one client per month

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