Devon Moyer Heading to Spain with GeoVisions

Today on GoAbroad we bring you the second winner of the GoAbroad Cover Photo Contest and Spring Break Giveaway! Back in October, GoAbroad launched this contest as a chance for students to showcase their best travel photography on GoAbroad’s Facebook page, and be entered to win an alternative spring break volunteer trip around the world. After a month of online voting in January, we were thrilled to see thousands of votes come in for each of the Top Entrants. Please help us congratulate our second winner of the GoAbroad Giveaway, Devon Moyer!

Devon’s photo from her trip to London, England won some of the highest votes in the online poll and we congratulate her on her win of the GeoVisions trip to Spain! Check out the video below of her acceptance of the program and see what other advice she has to give to travelers!

Why did you enter the GoAbroad Giveaway?

I entered the GoAbroad Givaway because some people need that extra push to decide to study abroad and I felt that a visual solution (in this case a cover photo) would help inspire them to take a leap of faith and experience something completely new.

What are you most looking forward to experiencing in Spain with GeoVisions?

I am looking forward to emerging myself in a culture that has a deep passion for traditions and being able to learn them directly from a host family.

What’s the most enriching thing about travel for you?

The most enriching thing about travel for me is being able to see people live, work, and play in their own environment and know that the world is full of different people that really have extraordinary similarities.

What advice would you give to others interested in traveling abroad?

I would say choose a place you dream of and make it reality and while your traveling abroad don’t forget to keep traveling and see as many places around that area as possible. Make the most of it!

Tell Us Your Thoughts About GoAbroad!

I would recommend GoAbroad to anyone looking to travel because it allows you to find the program that works best for you which is the key to traveling abroad. They also give you all the tools you’ll need to book the trip of a lifetime including, finding cheap flights, currency convertors, how to get a student ID, and steps to rent a global cell phone. They make what has the potential to be a stressful process easy and fun.


GoAbroad Giveaway Winner Devon Moyer


Congrats, Devon! Stay tuned on GoAbroad to follow along on Devon’s adventures with her upcoming Volunteer Experience Program in Spain!

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