What Experts Are Saying About International Education

If you’re thinking about studying in the US, or moving from the US to study, then there’s going to be lots of things you need to consider. Will you get the right level of education for your needs? Will it be simple to get a place in a foreign university? What will you need to know before you move abroad to study?

There are so many questions, and you need answers. If you want an idea of what it’s like to study in a different country, here’s what the experts are saying right now.

International students are made to feel safe

The biggest question right now for many students is whether they’re welcome in the US. The current political climate is fraught with issues such as the proposed travel ban meaning many students are left wondering if they’re even allowed in the country.

Experts at a Voice Of America meeting have said that ‘all students are welcome’ at US institutions. They point out many universities’ involvement in a ‘You Are Welcome’ video aimed at international students. As well as this, they pointed out that religious freedoms are respected. Prayer rooms are often available, and religious dress is embraced at educational centers.

This is because, as a whole, international students are seen as an asset to any US university. They bring diversity and different life experiences to them, meaning students can begin to learn from each other. International students bring a whole new worldview to education in the US, and so they are more than welcome.

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US students are flocking to the UK

According to the Institute of International Education, the number one spot for US students looking travel abroad is the UK. When you consider the benefits of studying in the UK, it makes a lot of sense. US students can expect to spend one less year getting their degree, which means that you’re paying out less in tuition fees. In addition to this, you can get government approved loans to help you cover the costs of tuition and learning while you’re there.

It’s also considered that the UK has some of the best universities in the world. Americans coming to the UK can expect to take in some amazing culture and life lessons, while getting a first class education. As US and UK residents both speak the same language, too, it means assimilating is easier than you would think for an international student.

Studying abroad can help you in your future career

Numbers of international students coming to study in the US have grown in recent years, and it’s all because of the reputation of US learning institutions.

In this study, it’s seen that international student numbers have seen their biggest leap since 1978. This is because US universities are now some of the best in the world. Along with other countries, such as the UK, the US is seen as one of the best places to get your degree.

Students who are career minded will often go abroad to get their degrees. This is because when they come back home and start looking for work, they’ll have an advantage over the competition. That US university on your resume will say a lot about you. You’ll be shown to be hard working, driven, and focused on your goals. That way, it’ll be much easier to get a foothold in the career of your choice.

This goes for US students traveling abroad to study, too. Getting your degree abroad shows that you’re willing to take risks, and can achieve a lot when given the opportunity. Again, having a foreign university on your resume can be a huge boon, if you choose your university carefully.

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Students have worries about completing work at university

As a student considering going abroad, you’ll be worried about working in a language that isn’t your mother tongue. This is a natural and understandable worry. You want to do your best, but you’re worried that the language barrier could hold you back. After all, English is known to be one of the most complicated languages around.

Robert A. Brunt, a blogger and teacher from Best Australian Writers, says that you don’t need to worry as much as you’d think. ‘US universities are well aware that they need to offer extra support to their international students’ he says. ‘They ensure that they’re available when you need some extra help with an essay or topic, and they’ll adjust teaching practices so you’re just as included in the learning process as anyone else’.

Thanks to the internet, you don’t have to just rely on your professors too. You can hire tutors online for reasonable fees, and spend time planning assignments or going over your writing to ensure you’re doing your best work.

Students are doing their research online

According to this study reported by the BBC, international students are researching their university options online. The biggest factor in their search is location, with the US coming out top in a list of options investigated on Google.

This sounds obvious to students, but for universities, this is important. It shows that students are no longer content with reading through university approved prospectuses. They want to see how it really is to study abroad, and are using new technologies to research what current students are thinking.

This means that universities now have to keep up with what technologies their students are using. Some universities are paying attention, but others aren’t as sure. As a student, you’ll be looking for a university that’s up to date with technology, and can meet all of your needs.

US students can work in the UK

As a student, you may want to work while studying in order to complement your budget. If you move to the UK to study, you can actually work for 20 hours a week as an international student.

Study London says you’ll be able to do this if you’re at a university that’s listed on both the UKVI Sponsor List and the list of recognized bodies. You can even work full time during vacation time. If you’ve been wondering how you’d afford to study abroad, this is going to be very useful for you. Look into your university shortlist, and see if they’re on the above lists. This could be what allows you to go abroad and study.

This isn’t everything experts are saying about international students, but these are the most important points. Studying abroad can be an exciting and highly fulfilling thing to do. If you make preparations and are happy to ask for help, then you can reap the rewards. After all, a US university will look great on your resume.

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