Is Using Facebook for Marketing Travel Programs Dead?

Before we start the funeral preparations, let’s ask ourselves… is Facebook marketing really dead? Or do we simply have to get with the program and re-adjust our strategy (we know… it seems like a never ending process). But with new technology and platforms rolling around, it’s definitely important that we in the world of international travel programs stay ahead of the marketing game and adapt to the changes coming our way—especially with Facebook.

facebook marketing for travel programs
Don’t worry—Gen Y & Gen Z are still using Facebook.

Here’s how to improve your Facebook marketing for travel programs without wanting to create your own Zuckerberg voodoo doll! 😉

What’s the deal?

As some of you know, Facebook recently changed their algorithm to decrease the amount of content from business pages and increase posts from friends and families. While some folks may be happy to see less advertisement… organizations are feeling the pinch/decrease in organic engagement. Facebook now prioritizes content with high engagement and paid advertising. If your organization doesn’t pay for advertising or doesn’t rank highly in community engagement, your current marketing efforts may be suffocated by a lack of reach.

How can you make Facebook marketing for travel programs work for YOUR org?

But fear not, there are still several ways your student travel organization can reach a portion of Facebook’s billion users. Strategy, creativity, patience, and maybe an increased marketing budget (if you’re able) is all it takes.

facebook marketing travel programs
Save your funeral clothes for another day, we still have some hope in Facebook!

1. It’s allll about content

Long gone are the days where your company could merely post something “just to post.” Each piece of content and information you share should be valuable to your organization’s brand, and should encourage engagement with your audience. Your organization should be designing content that will have your audience comment their thoughts and opinions. This content should include entertainment, information, and value for your target audience more than ever. This means you should be filtering the junk and ask yourself whether or not you would share your organizations post if you didn’t work there.

The best way to improve your Facebook marketing for travel programs via content is by analyzing your content creation team. Are there enough staff members on hand or are you shorthanded? If so, consider hiring interns that are eager to break into the digital marketing field and have videography/writing experience. Make sure your employers have their needs met as well! The happier they are, the better the content, thus increasing more engagement!

facebook marketing travel programs
Content is everything! Make your next post your best one yet.

2. Show your human-side

Your organization is being run by real people and not robots (at least for now). Increasing interaction by commenting on posts and threads will make your organization more “real” will improve your Facebook marketing for travel programs—everyone likes seeing something that’s relatable. Building this relationship with your target market can have a multiplying effect by increasing the amounts of like and shares on your posts. Maybe even introduce your team to the public? Some employee features will get some great feedback from your employee’s friends and family.

3. The road to stardom: Facebook Live

….. well kind of.

It’s time to put on your best smiles and practice your public speaking because the importance of Facebook Live is REAL. When your organization livestreams events, they get a “free pass” from Facebook’s protocols and are able to jump to the top of news feeds. This will increase your exposure since you’re encouraging your audience to stay on Facebook and not navigate to another app. Below are some ideas of what your organization can livestream:

  1. Interviews
  2. Events
  3. Contest Giveaways
  4. Employee features
  5. World fun facts/trivia
  6. Seminars
facebook marketing travel programs
Lights, camera, action? Release your inner celebrity on your Facebook Live streams! 📹

4. Consider investing in Facebook ads

If you want to maximize your Facebook marketing for travel programs, look into investing in their ad optionss. At the end of the day, if you don’t have time to develop new or better content (which is still highly recommended), and have the budget to spare—consider paying for advertising fees. However, make sure you weigh the pros and cons before paying up! Not every organization will benefit from paid advertising, so it’s essential that you do the research to see if the ROI is worth the extra cost! Double check some of the following items beforehand:

  1. Is your advertisement effective? Make sure to conduct plenty of tests to see whether it captures the attention of your audience!
  2. Can your organization spare the increase in marketing budget?
  3. What is your cost per acquisition?
  4. Which plan is best for your organization?

Even if you don’t get direct conversion from paid advertisement, you will still be able to get a lot of data that can help you improve your content and marketing strategy. Check out some more factors you should consider before investing more in Facebook!

Don’t give up on Facebook just yet—Gen Y is still there

So maybe it isn’t time (yet at least) to lay Facebook to rest. While the marketing process has become a bit more complicated, there are still several ways to bypass the new algorithm and earn your spot on your target audiences timeline!

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