A Ready-Made Summer Marketing Internship Syllabus for Travel Programs Abroad

There’s no denying that an internship program can increase your organization’s productivity, enthusiasm, and success! Just go ahead and ask any of the top leaders in international education—you’ll find that most of them began as interns and climbed their way to the top. Rock-solid internship programs are the base for the future success of your company culture and employee development, AND can be *just what you need* to excel as an international education program provider. That’s why we’re here today to talk about online marketing internships for travel programs abroad—and how you can host your very own (without pulling your hair out).

travel program online marketing internship
Work with marketing interns this summer to boost your organization’s online presence

If your plate is anything like ours, it’s pretty darn full. And has been. For years. You have new ideas and goals and projects, but are running low on time and energy to put towards them. That’s where an intern comes in. Eager to learn and hungry for experience, interns can increase your productivity by wide margins. If you have a plan, an on-boarding system, and finite projects that an intern can “own” throughout their time, you have a recipe for internship success.

Don’t even have time to build the bare minimum? No worries—we see you and we get you. Read on to learn how an internship program can benefit travel program providers like you, but to also down a FREE marketing internship outline and syllabus so you can expedite hiring a kick-butt marketing intern this summer!

The benefits of a strong internship program

Before we get to that free online marketing internship template, let’s take a step back. There are more than a few reasons on why you should hire interns! Who knows, you never know when you might just be training the next Jeff Bezos or Michael Bloomberg?!

1. S-P-I-R-I-T 📣

Maybe it’s the fire in their eyes or just the extra shot of espresso in their coffee—but there is no one more ready and enthusiastic to get to work than a fresh-faced intern. These bright gems actively pursued interest in your organization because they WANTED to obtain first-hand experience in the industry—with YOU. As young professionals ready to step into the real world, they are willing to go the distance and devote their full attention to their tasks and research.

By hiring interns, you are creating an exciting atmosphere for all since 1) office life will be more vibrant 2) interns can serve as an extra set of hands for incomplete projects 3) senior employees will be able to serve as mentors and guides, adding more depth and satisfaction to their work-life.

Want an intern’s contagious spirit to stay aflame throughout their entire internship? All it takes is the will to teach, commitment to mentorship, passion, respect, and great communication skills. 👌

2. They’re Social Media Gurus

It’s no secret that gen Y is way more tech-savvy than those that came before. Use this to your advantage by increasing your organization’s online marketing presence! Explain your social strategy to your interns and have them conduct a channel audit to document strengths and areas of improvement. Interns have extensive knowledge of different social media platforms and are able to keep up with the latest trends—Gen Y and younger millennials are often called “digital natives,” after all!

By utilizing online marketing internships for travel programs abroad, interns can focus on your social media strategy. This gives them the opportunity to put all of those “wasted” hours on social media to good use! They’ll bring a fresh perspective into the mix by providing new ideas or different methods to better accomplish a task.

travel program marketing internships
Hate tweeting? They won’t.

3. They’re Tomorrow’s Leaders—You Benefit From Internal Talent Development

Today’s summer intern could actually end up being tomorrow’s star employee. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 20-25% of new hires are sourced internally from an organization’s own internship program. By choosing to train interns, you are molding possible future employees while showing them the value of the organization and position. Not only that, you’re having them “try out” different tasks and responsibilities to see which area of the business best suits their skills and interests. If your intern already has the talents you’re looking for, it would be pointless to look for someone externally. You will save money and time since your new intern-turned-employee is already familiar with all of the basics, including the company culture.

Many Fortune-500 companies retain over 80% of their interns as entry-level hires, which can strengthen intern morale. If interns know that there’s a possibility to stay with the organization even after graduation, they’ll work even harder to prove their worth.

GET YOUR COPY: A summer internship template to support your digital marketing projects


Ready to get started on that Internship program? Download our ready-made templates to help you outline tasks, goals, and more for your future summer marketing interns. These templates will help you craft the perfect Marketing Internship program. Not only will you build your online media presence, but you’ll also build the leaders of tomorrow!

Acquire top talent & crush your marketing goals

travel program marketing internships
Support a recent or soon-to-be grad with a meaningful internship in international student programming

Hosting online marketing internships for travel programs abroad just makes sense. To find a marketing intern, simply approach your local college or university’s career services department and make an announcement! You can also use online recruitment platforms like Craigslist, Facebook marketplace and Facebook groups, or ZipRecruiter. Think through your pitch and what you hope the intern will gain in exchange for those long hours of low-pay (or no-pay) work. Dedicate time to training, otherwise their internship will flop. The more resources your organization can provide, the more competitive your program will be—which will ultimately attract a stronger applicant pool. #winning Best of luck and we wish you and your summer 2019 intern great success!

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