From Online Diary to Popular Platform – Why Blogs Aren’t Dead!

Who says blogging is dead?

GoAbroad was thrilled to participate in a variety of poster fairs at the recent NAFSA 2012 Annual Conference & Expo Conference, one of which focused on the role of blogs in international education. For this poster session, GoAbroad partnered with Academic Programs International (API) to showcase the ways that blogging is relevant to study abroad, and how to sustain a successful blog.

For the session, GoAbroad and API collaborated to create of a Prezi (see below) and multiple infographic posters, which can be viewed on the API Blog. Thank you to API for working with GoAbroad to show how international education blogs continue to make a difference. We hope the the presentation and infographics enhance your understanding of blogs, and how to make them work for you!

What tips would you share in how to sustain a successful blog?

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