GoAbroad Attending First Annual Melibee Global Swarm!

Melibee Global SWARM

Don’t miss out on a new kind of conference!

Take your professional development to the next level and work on skills you won’t find in the typical International Education conferences. Within a small group environment, the Melibee Swarm aims to focus on culture, identity, and perspective to help you as a student or professional dig deeper into how we communicate and process culture. This experiential and reflective forum will be a great networking opportunity for grad students, international educators, and travelers alike!

The Swarm will not only expand your network, but also your knowledge and competencies within the intercultural sphere.

Through the mediums of photography, digital storytelling, spoken word, and lots of reflection, you’ll gain innovative ideas and action-oriented steps to take back with you!

GoAbroad is thrilled to be attending, and is excited about the practical and experiential approach the Swarm is taking. This 1.5 day conference packs the punch in its variety of speakers, cost, and focus on reflection. Located in Asheville, North Carolina, spend your Columbus Day (Oct 13th) and the day following looking at culture in a new way. The series of presentations and workshops will be facilitated by a range of professionals you won’t want to miss!


Why is it Called the Swarm Anyway?


“I think about honey bees, and bees, going out from their hive and picking up information along the way and bringing it back to their hive, and really sharing that information with others to create meaningful conversation.”

-Missy Gluckmann, Founder of Melibee Global & The Swarm

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