GoAbroad Internship Institute: Interview with Kathryn Kutchin

With the launch of the new GoAbroad Internship Institute, the GoAbroad team is pleased to introduce you to the new faces who are working out of our Fort Collins, CO headquarters this summer. Over the coming week we will be featuring one-on-one interviews with each of our fabulous interns, providing some background on their role at GoAbroad and what they enjoy most about living in Colorado!

Today we sit down to learn more about Kathryn Kutchin, who is working as the GoAbroad HQ Intern.Kathryn at the Sahara Desert


Tell us about yourself and your position at GoAbroad.

Hola! My name is Kathryn Kutchin. I’m studying Economics and Human Development & Family Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, finishing up my degrees this December. Here at GoAbroad I’ve stepped into a brand new world- helping launch a new CRM product for the international education and travel industry called GoAbroad HQ!


How do you like Fort Collins? What has been your favorite place/experience in FoCo?

Fort Collins is incredible! I moved here for the summer knowing less than a handful of people, and after one week I have fallen in love with with city and the people here. I’ve been trying to take advantage of the short time that I do have, and am creating a bucket list so that I can hopefully accomplish it all! So far, my favorite experience has probably been going to the drive-in movie theatre last weekend and watching the sunset over the mountains before the movie!


Who would you want to play you in the movie about your life? Why?

Emma Stone! I think that she is incredibly talented, and I love her sass! She is super edgy but also can make me laugh in almost any interview that I’ve seen of her. (P.S. Who knew she was a natural blonde?!?)


Mountains or the beach? Why?

I think about this question all the time, but right now I am having a love affair with Colorado and am loving being surrounded by such beauty! I love hiking and adventures, so currently I would definitely have to go with the mountains.

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