GoAbroad & Lonely Planet: Unstoppable Forces for Good [Deadline Passed]

The ideal volunteer abroad scenario: The heart is there, the time is there. The passion and project need is there. All that’s missing? The cash to fund the meaningful travel experience.

That’s where we come in. GoAbroad and Lonely Planet have teamed up to support one traveler’s volunteer trip with a $2,500 scholarship. That’s a considerable chunk of change to help you be a force of good in the world with us!

Don’t worry that the odds aren’t in your favor—there are even more prizes to be won. A copy of Lonely Planet’s latest guidebook, “Volunteer: A Traveller’s Guide,” will be given away every single week between October 10 and November 14, 2017. That’s six weeks of chances to win your new favorite and soon-to-be-crazy-dog-eared book.

volunteer scholarship

Here’s why GoAbroad and Lonely Planet want to support more international volunteering as we shake, rattle, and roll into 2018:

1. Natural disasters—and subsequent relief efforts—aren’t going away.

Let’s face it: 2017 was an insane year of hurricanes, floods, typhoons, and drought around the planet. As more countries fall innocently victim to these unforeseen catastrophes, even more help and resources are needed to get them back on their feet. You can spend your $2,500 directly to take your needed skills to any of these locations to lend a hand yourself.

2. We could all use a little more kindness.

Between fervent Facebook feeds and NPR updates sent directly to our phones, the world is more connected—and more aware of its atrocities—than ever before in human history. This can be pretty depressing if you don’t adamantly seek news stories covering the good of humankind (and trust us, despite what you might think, there really is a lot of it out there). Instead of feeling helpless or fatalistic, do your part to contribute to the greater good. Every little bit helps.

3. Experiential education is pretty powerful.

There’s a reason we all remember that awesome color and light experiment from 6th grade science class more than we remember the memorization of vocabulary words that year. When you’re involved, engaged, and actively participating in a new experience, you’re more likely to feel and remember its impact. No amount of books or news articles or podcasts can replace the smell, touch, taste, and sounds of living in a country very different than your own.

4. Helping others is supremely human.

No one gets anywhere in this world without the help of others. When you give back to communities and systems that you’ve already benefited greatly from, you recognize our shared humanity, gain new perspectives and compassion, and start to wholly understand the reality that “We’re all in this together.” Whether you care for other people—or more voiceless vulnerable communities, like plants and animals—you will feel more connected to life itself.

Ready to volunteer abroad and make a difference?

Apply now for the chance to win $2,500 to fund your volunteer experience. We’ll see you there!

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