GoAbroad Warning Against Fraudulent Job Offers

It has come to our attention that individuals are using the GoAbroad.com name and logo in fraudulent, fake, job offers. The primary example was sent to a young professional in Chile, but there could be offers being sent anywhere. These job offers are NOT originating from or endorsed by GoAbroad.com (GoAbroad LLC).

Please watch out for:

  • Any offers, questions, or requests that DO NOT come from an @goabroad.com email address
  • Any documents that do not provide adequate information about GoAbroad, including our full address, contact information, and legal business name (GoAbroad LLC)
  • Any documents that look similar to the following (these are fraudulent and fake):

We encourage everyone to be wary of any fraudulent materials, offers, requests, or similar on the internet. Please do not hesitate to contact GoAbroad.com’s COO, Kayla Patterson, at kayla.patterson@goabroad.com to verify any communication or materials from GoAbroad.com. Please also report any suspected fraud or scams to Kayla immediately. Thank you.

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