GoAbroad Welcomes RateMyStudyAbroad.com to the Family

All of us at GoAbroad are thrilled to welcome RateMyStudyAbroad.com users to your new home at GoAbroad.com, the leading resource for meaningful travel. As we join forces, we are further developing our offerings as the most comprehensive directory of international education programs and information!


GoAbroad Reviews
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Why The Change?

GoAbroad and RateMyStudyAbroad have always been in close partnership throughout the years. We have worked to encourage not only reviews but also in-depth interviews, and program listings, all with a common goal of providing potential international participants with quality content and information, allowing them to find a program that fit their needs and expectations. In order to better serve these information-hungry users, we merged resources to become one network, providing the international education community with a unified resource.


GoAbroad Reviews

What Does This Mean to Me?

It means that you now have access to over 10,000 reviews and interviews to help gain insight from past participants and staff members! Not only do we offer reviews on GoAbroad.com but we have hundreds of in-depth articles & how-to-guides to help you determine if a country or experience is for you. Not sure if study abroad is for you? Unlike on RateMyStudyAbroad, we offer ten alternative international experiences, include volunteering, interning, teaching, and even working abroad!


What Happened to My Review on RateMyStudyAbroad?

If you previously wrote a review on RateMyStudyAbroad, we have migrated your reviews over to GoAbroad.com. Previously, the two sites shared program information, meaning that all you have to do now is simply search by your program name and you will be able to find your review.


GoAbroad Reviews

Add The GoAbroad Review Widget To Your Website

Once you’ve had a chance to look over your reviews on GoAbroad.com, you can comment on them and/or make them visible directly on your organization’s website with our new widget. From within the “Reviews” tab of your account page on GoAbroad, you are able to choose from two types of review widgets to showcase program participant reviews. One is for the overall organization rating, and the other for each program your organization facilitates. Both of these widgets are customizable and incorporate the ability to have reviews shown, like in the example you see to the right.


Where to Find RateMyStudyAbroad Features on GoAbroad?

  • Need to leave a review? Search for your program and leave a review here! Anyone who leaves a review will also be entered to win an iPad Air from GoAbroad!
  • Want to search for a Study Abroad program? Start your search now!
  • Don’t know what program suits your needs? Fill out an Online Advisor Form.
  • Still looking for something? Email us at feedback@goabroad.com

Now What?

Now is the time to start searching for your dream experience! Somewhere out there, there is a program that will change your life and you will only find it at GoAbroad.com (now with even more reviews!).


Were you an organization on RateMyStudyAbroad or did you utilize MyEvaluator? Get more information here! 

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