GoAbroad Welcomes Remote Interns

In an industry that continues to reel from the pandemic, adapting operations to the changing landscape has become necessary. Up until March of this year, GoAbroad has always welcomed on-site interns at our Philippines office.

In July, we made the decision to adapt our program to a remote structure, and began the search for new additions to the team. We’re happy to announce that in September we brought on four new remote interns!

Alayna credits her passions for travel, culture, and history to her Greek background and many travels to countries around the world. A lifelong learner, she believes that international experiences and international education are important for both individual and community growth. Alayna enjoys photography, art, and adventuring with friends in her spare time, and is unashamedly addicted to Pinterest.

Allie first journeyed overseas at age 15 on a whirlwind trip to Australia. She has since traveled to twelve countries, consuming copious croissants and cappuccinos along the way. While working towards her MA in Classics, she became a seasoned time traveler and has visited several archeological sites in Italy and Sicily. Some of her favorite travel memories include hiking to the summit of Mt. Etna and getting lost in a sunflower field outside of Seville.

Emily has been traveling and living around the world since she won a scholarship for a high school exchange year in Germany. She has been learning languages, making friends, and going on outdoor adventures for several years. Her current quarantine hobbies are learning more about her native Chamoru language and culture, playing banjo, and backpacking in the mountains. She has a deep love for ice cream, and eats it in every place she visits.

Jacquie embarked on her first study abroad adventure in Italy in 2016. Once she came home, she worked at her college’s International Programs Office to support prospective study abroad students and international scholars. In her final semester of college, she interned in Germany to gain invaluable experience in her field. Her travel style is planned with room for spontaneity, which translates to her work as a social media assistant, content writer and graduate student.

We’re incredibly excited to have them on the team with us through December!

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