#GoAbroad20for20 — It’s HERE! [Deadline Passed]


GoAbroad scholarships

We thought about celebrating our 20th anniversary with a 20 layer cake. We considered going on a 20-country world tour. We thought about ringing in the year with 20,000 big balloons.

But then we thought — the best way to commemorate 20 years of helping millions of travelers find meaningful programs would be to help twenty more travel dreams come true! Then the #GoAbroad20for20 scholarship giveaway was born.

What kinds of scholarships are we talkin’?

As one of the biggest barriers to studying, volunteering, teaching, interning, or having other meaningful travel experiences abroad, money (or lack thereof) can get a bad rap. GoAbroad will be awarding 20 (yes, two-zero!) $500 scholarships — that’s $10,000 worth of Meaningful Travel Scholarships — to help get 20 people abroad.

How can I win?

Head to this page to fill out the application. You’ll notice that we ask for a few things to help us understand your goals for meaningful travel:

  1. Travel Plan Statement: We want to hear why meaningful travel is important to you and how you plan to use this scholarship!
  2. Photos: Share or create images that compliment your Travel Plan Statement. Photos should depict your enthusiasm for meaningful travel and/or a type of travel or destination that is important to you — get creative!
  3. Video: Create an original video clip that describes why meaningful travel is important to you.
  4. Program Enrollment: We want to know what program you’re planning to participate in, so preference will be shown to applicants that can share proof of their enrollment.

Winners will be selected based on the quality and completeness of their scholarship applications and whether they have chosen and enrolled in a program.

Still trying to decide on a program? Sign on to MyGoAbroad to save and compare programs!

Applications will be accepted until 11:59pm MT on Friday, July 28, 2017, but it’s never too early to apply.

What are you waiting for? Apply now!

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