How to Join the GoAbroad Writer’s Academy

Join the GoAbroad Writers Academy!

Hey there fellow wanderlusters and wordsmiths! Looking to get your foot in the door of the world of travel writing and international education? Are you all about meaningful travel? Do you wield your pen like a pocket-sized sword, taking on the world one country–and one word–at a time? Sounds like you’re a perfect fit for the GoAbroad Writer’s Academy.

What is the GoAbroad Writer’s Academy?

As a key part of the GoAbroad editorial team, Writer’s Academy students will learn how to source, research, write, execute, and market online content specifically for the youth travel and international education industry. So if the description above fits you to a T, this is the intensive online journalism course for you. 

GoAbroad hosts the Writer’s Academy twice annually for six months at a time. Our next cohort will begin in September of 2018-February 2019 and each cohort has between 10-12 members. 

What’s new in the GoAbroad Writer’s Academy version 2.0?

After extensive feedback from past members, we’ve decided to up the ante with our new iteration of the Writer’s Academy. This means a greater focus on learning advanced on-page SEO skills, more community learning opportunities (#PeerReviews), and a broader assignment portfolio—you’ll no longer be writing and researching solely travel guides, you’ll also be advancing your knowledge about programs and providers, helping readers make decisions, conducting keyword research, and sharing advice as long-form articles.


We ask writers to commit to the following:

  • ~10 hours of work monthly for 6 months
    • One hour monthly to review new content and lesson
    • Two writing assignments monthly at roughly two-four hours per assignment
    • One hour monthly for editing and giving feedback on work from other cohort members
  • Active on-going participation in group communication channel
  • Clear communication
  • Meet deadlines
  • Support and encourage yourself and other cohort members!

What You’ll Get

  • Thoughtful and on-going guidance, support, and mentorship from the editorial team to help you improve your journalistic prowess
  • Exposure to a fast growing industry, experienced writing professionals, and mission-driven work
  • A beautiful authorship page and online portfolio! (Example here)
  • Lessons in securing travel jobs, building your online brand, advanced SEO, developing an memorable editorial voice, and more—plus access to all curriculum for forever!
  • A new community of travel loving writers
  • Personalized shout outs and publicity among our networks of 150,000+ wanderlusters
  • Increased access to external writing opportunities and journalism courses
  • Heaps of international editorial experience for your CV/resume
  • Potential for recommendation letters from professionals in the field
  • Potential for full-time professional experience in the GoAbroad Philippines office upon completion

What do past members have to say about their experiences? 

“I loved how comprehensive it was. Going into it, I expected it to just be about how to blog better, and how to bump readership. I’m glad to say it taught me much more than that! I feel like I have a great launching point for a journey into the freelancing world now, too, and much more confidence in my writing! ” Cathryn Fortuna

“Often this industry can feel tough to break into and I am scared of making mistakes. The Editorial Team understands you make mistakes, then corrects them kindly & effectively.” —Rachel Taylor

“It’s so simple, but I LOVED reading about all these places in the world I’ve never been, becoming an expert on traveling meaningfully, sharing my knowledge on the site, and being able to share my published work.” —Liz Gorga


It’s go-time! Applications are not being accepted. You can express interest in learning about our next application window here.

If your fingers are already itching to get started, you’re pretty much in luck. We’re actively seeking passionate, adventurous souls to be a part of our community (aka YOU) for the NEXT COHORT, spring 2018. Fill out this form to be alerted of our next application window.

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