Karen Cowles Heading to Cape Town with Connect-123

Today on GoAbroad we bring you the first winner of the GoAbroad Cover Photo Contest and Spring Break Giveaway! Back in October, GoAbroad launched this contest as a chance for students to showcase their best travel photography on GoAbroad’s Facebook page, and be entered to win an alternative spring break volunteer trip around the world. After a month of online voting in January, we were thrilled to see thousands of votes come in for each of the Top Entrants. Please help us congratulate our first winner of the GoAbroad Giveaway, Karen Cowles!

Karen’s photo from her trip to New Zealand won some of the highest votes in the online poll and we congratulate her on her win of the Connect-123 Internship and Volunteer Programs trip to Cape Town, South Africa! Check out the video below of her acceptance of the program and see what other advice she has to give to travelers!

Why did you enter the GoAbroad Giveaway?

I entered GoAbroad giveaway because it looked like a great opportunity to get abroad again. Ever since my trip to New Zealand (with GlobaLinks Learning Abroad) I’ve had a desire to travel to other countries and experience new cultures.

What are you most looking forward to experiencing in Cape Town with Connect-123?

The thing I’m most looking forward to experience in Cape Town is the culture. Having background knowledge in different cultures is a great resource to have as a teacher. It will also be a great opportunity to meet different people!

What’s the most enriching thing about travel for you?

Living in a foreign country can ignite new interests and hobbies, provide exposure to new sporting and musical events and open up a whole new variety of culinary cuisine. A good way to feel the vibe of a city is to attend local sporting events and ethnic festivals.

What advice would you give to others interested in traveling abroad?

The best thing to bring on your study abroad trip is your sense of adventure. Being in a new country provides endless opportunities for exploration. Studying travel guides before you depart is a good way to become familiar with the sites and attractions in your new country.

Use this opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and do as much as you possibly can, see as much of the country as possible and come up with innovative and creative ways to stretch your finances to make your study abroad a remarkable experience.

Tell Us Your Thoughts About GoAbroad!

GoAbroad is a great resource if you’re looking to travel. GoAbroad provides a wide range of materials to guide you in your travel experience. They provide you with information for nearly any country you would want to travel to.


Karen Cowles GoAbroad Giveaway Winning Photo


Congrats, Karen! Stay tuned on GoAbroad to follow along on Karen’s adventures with her upcoming Volunteer Experience Program in Cape Town!

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