How to Nominate Yourself for a GoAbroad Innovation Award [Deadline Passed]

Great news, folks! GoAbroad’s Innovation Awards are in their 7th year, and we’ve just launched the nomination form.

Before you start daydreaming about your big trip to the city of Angels, take a few moments to think broadly about which 2016-2017 companies, people, or efforts are seriously praiseworthy of a 2017 innovation award.

GoAbroad Innovation Award Winners

Now, we know what you’re thinking. “Man, it would be really cool if our organization received one of those highly-sought after, prestigious awards.” And you’re right. That would be really cool.

And later: “How can I get our organization on their radar?”

Rather than launch into an all-out PR campaign trying to convince your industry colleagues (or competitors 😝) that what you bring to the table is top-notch, why not skip a few steps and nominate yourself (or your organization) for an award directly?

Here’s how to do it without feeling like a bold-faced boasty-pants.

GoAbroad Innovation Awards


Limit the awards you nominate yourself for.

Maybe 2016 was a big year for you. Maybe you and your organization did actually 1) innovate an impressive campaign for increasing diversity in access and equity to study abroad 2) launch a seriously creative social media campaign 3) focus on sourcing killer student videos AND 4) introduce a baller new program for participants (hats off to ya!)… but you don’t need to nominate yourself for every. single. innovation award.

Pick 1-2 you really rocked and focus on writing copy that demonstrates why you and your organization are the most deserving for any given award.

GoAbroad Innovation Awards


For every award you nominate yourself, consider nominating 1-2 other colleagues or organizations in the field for other awards.

Help karma work in your favor. For every toot of the ol’ horn, give a toot to someone else’s. You’re not the only one doing cool things in the field. Remember when you cringed in jealousy at so & so’s new offering? That’s probably a sign that they’re killin’ it.

Since we all love the field and share an underlying support for helping more students travel meaningfully, it feels really good to recognize and celebrate great ideas (even when they’re not your own, we promise).


Get more colleagues, coworkers, and industry connections to vote for you!

If you’re up for the People’s Choice award, now’s the time to cash in on all those “click this link for me” favors. Encourage your networks to submit your name via the nomination system. Quantity doesn’t necessarily trump quality, but it is a good indicator of industry-wide support and admiration.

GoAbroad Innovation Awards


Gun for our newest award!

Nothing feels quite as good as setting the bar. With our newest addition to the award line up, Innovation in Alumni Engagement, we’re peeling back the layers of alumni strategy. We want to see which organizations are doing seriously cool and helpful programming for their returnee students.

Want to set the tone for all future nominations and recipients? Relish in your leadership as you define the standard by snagging this inaugural award.


We sincerely look forward to welcoming you to our awards ceremony in Los Angeles later this year at NAFSA! If you’re curious, check out 2016’s winners here.

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