Stories from Ukraine: Loss & Despair

The following is being shared by GoAbroad’s Founder, Troy Peden, as he actively volunteers in Poland and Ukraine to help Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine. To read Troy’s statement about the conflict.

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Ukrainian refugees fleeing on foot.

March 10, 2022

Most of what we have seen these past days has been the utter despair of upended lives and the deep sadness of loss; loss of loved ones, loss of home, loss of purpose and loss of dreams.

Almost everyone we have encountered are women who are focused on the survival and health of their children. They are driven by the most basic human drive.

Today we were with two women who had only just reluctantly left Kiev. When the humanitarian corridor was opened two days ago, they reported that sharp shooters had taken positions near grocery stores and pharmacies and shot anyone trying to get food or medicine. These women were convinced that the strategy to drive out the population this way was compelling enough to change their minds and leave. The two childhood friends had a small child with them and set out for the border.

They said most people are staying to fight, they believe most women without children are staying to fight. They shared with me some of their videos and photos. Most of them are too horrific to be shared.

I share this only as a reminder that this war like most wars is insane, it is brutal and it will not end when the fighting stops.

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