You’ll Never Guess the #1 Student Travel Destination in 2019

Step aside, Spain. There’s a new destination beckoning adventurers and student travelers in 2019. And it’s wearing a whole lotta sunblock (and bug repellent). 😎

Based on a combination of traffic data to the GoAbroad site (over 30+ million views), industry expert insight, and general travel trends, we zeroed-in and projected the most popular travel destination in 2019. Check it out: GoAbroad’s 2019 Meaningful Travel Forecast is LIVE.

Our finding? Australia is the #1 preferred location when it comes to travel destinations for college students, young professionals, and teens. Grab your thongs—not those, those!—let’s head south (way south) to have the time of our life!


Why Australia?

best places for college students to travel
Australia is #1 when it comes to the best places for college students to travel in 2019!

Why not? Australia packs a punch; it provides a variety of travel opportunities to fit any experience or goal. The country rocks a well-developed infrastructure to host international interns and expats, and it’s strong university-scene means that students flock here regularly. In comparison to other travel destinations for college students, it marries adventure with comfort and ease of travel. You can volunteer in meaningful projects, master English, get your adrenaline pumping through adventure travel, or even turn the tassel on an international masters’ degree.

In short: Australia just won’t quit. And that’s what makes it one of the best places for college students to travel—not to mention other ages of adventurers!

How to travel meaningfully in Australia in 2019

Here’s what to do when you hit up the #1 in student travel destinations in 2019.

Study abroad

Students are spoiled for choice when it comes to top-notch universities and other study abroad programming options in Australia. Cities like Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane feel almost ready-built for hungry, adventurous students (who still take their studies seriously).

Volunteer abroad

Have a passion for quirky animals and wildlife conservation projects? Want to provide better educational services to indigenous minority groups? Dream of helping the next generation enjoy the Great Barrier Reef? No wonder volunteering in Australia is hanging steady as a top experience sought by meaningful travelers in 2019. It’s second only to Peru.

Adventure travel

It surprises *literally no one* that Australia is the #1 destination for adventure travelers in 2019. Every inch of the world’s oldest continent is begging to be explored. Sail the Whitsunday’s, snorkel amongst immense marine diversity, four wheel drive over rocks and crags in the Outback, in search of a secret Palm forest. Australia = adventure. Period.

Work abroad

For many, an experience working abroad in Australia is a rite of passage. Most expats find work temping in offices, au pairing, or serving with a smile in the tourism and hospitality sector. It ranks 4th as one of the most attractive travel destinations for college students and meaningful travelers hoping to work and travel in 2019.

Get a masters abroad

Australia is debuting for its first time ever on our top 10 list of the best destinations for earning a masters degree abroad in 2019. And we’re not surprised! Institutions like Curtin University and Maynooth University offer a variety of study tracks to please even the most niche student abroad. Get in on the fun!

Take a gap year

If you’re in the middle of a major life transition, or desire time, space, guidance, and mentorship to help you leap from one lily pad to the next, you should join thousands of exploratory learners and hit up the shores of Australia for your gap year towards self-enlightenment. It’s the #1 travel destination for gap year students in 2019.

High school programs abroad

Australia isn’t just a good fit for the 18+ crowd. There are plenty of adventure- and volunteer-oriented high school programs on offer in the land down unda that fill up quick. If you dream of posing with a koala before dozing for an afternoon nap on the Gold Coast, then a teen travel program in Oz is for you!

Intern abroad

Calling all professionally-minded meaningful travelers: Get your fill of new skills to boast on your resume AND an impressive tan line. You can accomplish all of this and more while interning in Australia, a developed nation comfortable with hosting short term interns from across the pond. Start your search for internships in a variety of fields, why don’t you!

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