How StudentUniverse Can Make Your Student Group Flight Logistics a Dream (Instead of a Nightmare)

Group travel logistics can be a nightmare even for the most experienced coordinator. If you’ve been spending hours on hold with airlines, searching for flights and scheduling deadline reminders for your group, it’s time to consider using StudentUniverse’s group travel services to make your student group flight logistics a dream.

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Why use a travel manager from StudentUniverse? We streamline your booking process, provide you with expert advice and tons of benefits—from easier payment processes to increased flexibility. Read on to get more details about how using a travel manager can simplify your booking process.

6 perks of using a StudentUniverse travel manager to book group flights

1. Streamline your search and reservation process.

Say goodbye to tiring hours of searching for flights, arranging travel details, and contacting airlines. Our group travel managers act as a buffer between you and the airlines, navigating a tricky process efficiently and effectively so that you don’t have to. Our travel managers will understand what you and your group need so that we can advocate for your group to the airline. We’ll do the research with all our air partners to provide the best options and quotes for your group.

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2. Increase your flexibility.

When you book travel through our group travel managers, you’ll automatically gain increased flexibility with ticket terms and more. What does this mean for your group? You’ll have more ability to make name changes and a more lenient cancellation policy. Book early with a deposit and then collect payments and passenger names and details later. We’ll handle the in-between.

3. Enjoy dedicated account management, no matter how many trips you’re booking.

Whether you’re booking a single trip for a group or booking multiple trips for different groups all throughout the year, StudentUniverse will provide you with a dedicated account manager for everything. Work with the same person throughout the entire process—even across multiple flights, groups or seasons. This is just one of the ways that StudentUniverse provides you with specialized and personalized support. Plus, contact your account manager directly at any time—no more going back and forth between multiple reps to get your flights booked.

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4. Access our flexible and convenient online payment solutions.

Make your job way easier with our convenient online payment solutions. Once you’ve confirmed your itinerary and seats, we can set you up with with a unique online payment portal where students or travelers can log in and pay for their trip in installments, as well as provide personal travel details. No more spreadsheets with passport numbers and middle names—we’ll set everything up so they can send directly to us, and you’ll be able to log in and see exactly who’s paid and who has tasks left to complete. Have your own system for payment collection that works for you? No problem, we’re happy to work with what works for you.

5. Speed things WAY up.

When you use a travel manager, it can speed up your booking process—a lot. Letting our travel managers do the research not only means less work for you, but also a faster turnaround time for your group. With access to premier airline help desks, travel managers speed up inquiries and bookings. We’ll wait on hold for you if you need to make any updates or last-minute changes. And if anything goes wrong with your flight—delays, cancellations, etc.—we’ll advocate for your group and get you to your final destination.

6. Get an expert who will advocate for your group.

Our travel managers are experts who will work efficiently on your group travel plans as well as advocate for you to the airlines. We’re looking out for you: for the best solutions for your group, your school’s travel policies, and your long-term needs. Your trip manager will provide efficient and personal service, because they’ll know you and what your group needs. Plus, did we mention we have 24-hour support?

Getting started with StudentUniverse

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So, what does it look like to work with StudentUniverse? Contact us with your group of 10 travelers or more—we’ll pair you officially with your account manager and take care of the rest.

First, you’ll get a free quote for your group—with no commitment or cost for you at all! A small per-seat deposit will guarantee your fares. Then we can set you up with our online payment system to send student travelers directly to us to send in their payments and submit traveler details. (Or you can coordinate this on your own and forward the information to us separately, if you prefer.) You’ll typically have up until 45 days before departure to collect names and payments from students.

And that’s it! Everything will be booked and ticketed, with minimal effort on your part. If there’s any changes that need to be made, or if the airline changes or cancels any part of your reservation, we’ll take care of making sure your group gets rebooked. We’re here to advocate for you and your group.

Make your group travels a breeze (or closer to it!)

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Eliminate all the hassle of planning, searching, booking and preparing group travel reservations. Our expert travel managers are here to advocate for your group and provide a buffer between you and the airlines, making your travel booking process streamlined and efficient. We’ll do the research, find the best airlines and itineraries for your group’s needs and school travel policies, and provide you with the flexibility and resources you need.

Ready to streamline your group booking process and make your group flight logistics a dream? Contact us today for your free quote!

GoAbroad is thrilled to partner with StudentUniverse to bring you the 2019 Innovation Awards. StudentUniverse is the leading travel booking website for students, specializing in providing exclusive student discounts on flights, hotels, and offline group support. Experience more, worry less with StudentUniverse.

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