Announcing Our Top Rated Organizations & Online Programs of 2020

The world has faced numerous challenges over the last 12 months, causing us all to seek out ways to regain a sense of normalcy and optimism for the future. Despite the unprecedented state of the industry, we wanted to keep with tradition to honor our partners, and we’re eager to announce our Top Rated Organizations of 2020! We understand that the outlook of international travel is uncertain, and traveling will likely look different for many years to come, but by showcasing these organizations with exceptional participant reviews, we hope to inspire travelers to not give up on their travel dreams just yet. In addition to our most highly rated organizations in 2020, we’re also happy to share our new category specifically for the Top Online Programs of 2020, which became exponentially more popular and important to the industry last year.


Over the years, reviews have become an important part of any traveler’s decision making process, and moving forward we believe they will become even more essential to travelers feeling confident choosing a program and taking the leap to journey abroad once again. We’re extremely proud of all our partners and travelers around the world for their resilience through one of the most trying times the world has ever seen, and we’re excited to share the most extensively rated organizations and online programs on from 2020* to award all our partners who have persevered this year.

Top Rated Organizations of 2020

GoAbroad Top Rated Organizations of 2020

Top Rated Study Abroad Provider

  1. ARALAND Abroad
  2. IFSA, Institute for Study Abroad
  3. CIEE

Notable Mentions

  • College Year in Athens
  • IES Abroad

Top Internship Program Provider

  1. Institute for Global Studies
  2. Meiji Internships
  3. VACorps

Notable Mentions

  • Roots Interns
  • Asia Internship Program

Top Volunteer Program Provider

  1. GVI
  2. African Impact
  3. International Volunteer HQ [IVHQ]

Notable Mentions

  • Stay Africa Volunteers
  • Maximo Nivel

Top TEFL Program Provider

  1. International TEFL Academy
  2. The TEFL Academy
  3. Premier TEFL

Notable Mentions

  • International TEFL and TESOL Training
  • TEFLPros
  • The TEFL Org

Top Language Schools

  1. Istanbul University Language Center
  2. Meiji Academy
  3. Omeida Chinese Academy

Notable Mentions

  • ARALAND Abroad
  • Instituto Hemingway

Top Gap Year Provider

  1. TIVNU Building Justice
  2. Gapforce
  3. The High Desert Center

Notable Mentions

  • Edu-Pal China
  • Carpe Diem Education

Top Teach Abroad Program Provider

  1. Teaching Nomad
  2. Korean Horizons

Notable Mentions

  • Associazione Culturale Linguistica Educational (A.C.L.E)
  • Alliance Abroad

Top Online Programs of 2020

GoAbroad 2020 Top Rated Online Programs

Top Online TEFL Course

  1. International TEFL Academy – 170-Hour Online TEFL Class

Top Online Study Abroad Program

  1. GVI – Sustainable Development Online Courses

Top Online Internship

  1. Global Experiences – Virtual Internships with Global Companies

Top Online Language Course

  1. Meiji Academy – Japanese Online Lessons

Notable Mention

  • London College of Teachers – Online TEFL Course
  • UNI-Prep Institute – Online TEFL Course
  • Kaya Responsible Travel – Online Internships


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*Selection Process: Our Annual Top Rated Organizations and Online Programs are based on both quantity of reviews collected and overall ratings, as well as other measures of quality and participant satisfaction. All reviews counted were published in the 2020 calendar year.

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