Announcing Our Top Rated Organizations & Online Programs of 2021

There’s no denying that the world of international education has been an uncertain one for the past two years. Although things seem both better and worse than at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, students and travelers alike have continued to persevere and seek out meaningful experiences abroad when able. And for those who aren’t quite ready to travel abroad yet, revolutionary online programs have helped all kinds of people adapt to a world temporarily without the freedom to explore.

This year, we’re eager to see a continuing return to pre-pandemic levels of travel—as well as announce our Top Rated Organizations of 2021! Although the travelsphere has most likely changed forever, by shedding light on these exceptional organizations and programs, we hope to inspire future travelers to continue planning and dreaming for their future experience abroad.


Online research is no doubt a huge part of every travelers’ process prior to traveling abroad or choosing the right program for them and their goals. And considering how much influence positive reviews have on a person when it comes to things like jeans, furniture, or even Netflix shows, an exceptional review can be the one thing that pushes a future participant to choose a program.

As always, we’re so excited to share the most extensively rated organizations and online programs on from 2021* and to recognize all our partners who continue to adapt and innovate during one of the most turbulent periods in the history of international travel.

Top Rated Organizations of 2021

goabroad top rated organizations 2021

Top Rated Study Abroad Providers

  1. GVI
  2. HEX
  3. The American University in Cairo

Notable Mentions

  • College Year in Athens
  • Algebra University College Croatia

Top Rated Internship Providers

  1. VACorps
  2. Child Family Health International
  3. Intern Abroad HQ

Notable Mentions

  • Asia Internship Program
  • ArtBound Initiative

Top Rated Volunteer Providers

  1. GVI
  3. DAKTARI Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage

Notable Mentions

  • Volunteer Encounter
  • International Volunteer HQ [IVHQ]

Top Rated TEFL Providers

  1. International TEFL Academy
  2. ITT International TEFL and TESOL Ltd
  3. The TEFL Academy

Notable Mentions

  • International TEFL and TESOL Training
  • TeachTEFL
  • The TEFL Org

Top Rated Language Schools

  1. That’s Mandarin
  2. Europass Italian Language School
  3. ELFI – Ecole de Langue Française et d’Informatique

Notable Mentions

  • Valley Spanish School
  • Alexandria Institute

Top Rated Gap Year Providers

  1. Pacific Discovery
  2. The High Desert Center
  3. Outward Bound Costa Rica

Notable Mention

  • Alzar School & Gap

Top Rated Teach Abroad Providers

  1. Teaching Nomad
  2. Premier TEFL
  3. Idioma Internacional

Notable Mentions

  • Interac
  • i-to-i TEFL

Top Rated High School Abroad Providers

  1. Travel For Teens
  2. World Class Programs
  3. Arcos Journeys Abroad

Notable Mentions

  • Projects Abroad
  • MEI International Academy

Top Rated Adventure Travel Providers

  1. International Medical Aid
  2. Adventure Treks
  3. Viamonde

Top Online Programs of 2021

goabroad top rated online programs 2021

Top Online TEFL Course

  • Best Online TEFL Class For Teaching Abroad in 2022! (International TEFL Academy)

Top Online Study Abroad Program

  • The Experiment Digital International Virtual Exchanges (The Experiment in International Living)

Top Online Internship

  • Virtual Internships | Intern Remotely with a Global Company (Global Experiences)

Top Online Language Course

  • Online Chinese Learning: 1-on-1 (That’s Mandarin)

Top Online Volunteer Program

  • Wildlife Veterinary Medicine Online (The Expedition Project)

Notable Mentions

  • Online TEFL Course (The TEFL Institute)
  • Online Study Abroad (Online Business School)
  • Online TEFL Course (Premier TEFL)


Want to be Top Rated next year?

Reviews matter! Social proof has become a huge influence in the world of sales and marketing, and international education is no different. Helpful, unbiased reviews from your past participants can be the secret sauce when inspiring a future participant to check you out.

GoAbroad is excited to continue finding more ways to encourage, support, and reward all our partners who want to excel at gathering program reviews. We hope to see you on the list next year!

Here are our best resources to help you take your review strategy to the next level:

If you’d like personalized insight on how you can maximize your GoAbroad reviews, contact our reviews team and check out our tips for gathering more GoAbroad Reviews so you can learn how you can make it on our list of Top Rated Organizations and Programs for 2022.

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*Selection Process: Our Annual Top Rated Organizations and Online Programs are based on both quantity of reviews collected and overall ratings, as well as other measures of quality and participant satisfaction. All reviews counted were published in the 2021 calendar year.

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