Announcing Our Top Rated Organizations & Online Programs of 2022

Although 2022 opened with continued uncertainty in education abroad (due to both Covid and the war in Ukraine) we’re pleased that the year rounded out with the most open borders we’ve seen since the onset of the pandemic in 2020. Finally, students’ options seem to be once again booming in terms of opportunities for meaningful travel abroad.

And booming opportunities mean that students are ready to get back to researching and planning for their dream experiences abroad! Our list of Top Rated Organizations of 2022 is here to help guide their way.


We’ve said it a hundred times before, but we’ll say it again—reviews matter. Believe it or not, an overwhelming majority of people trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from a friend. And that’s exactly why your organization should be as focused on gathering reviews as any other marketing endeavor in 2023.

As always, we’re ecstatic to share the most extensively rated organizations and online programs on from 2022* and to congratulate all our partners for making it through yet another year of international upheaval. Here’s to a more peaceful 2023!

Top Rated Organizations of 2022

goabroad top rated organizations 2022

Top Rated Study Abroad Providers

  1. John Cabot University
  2. University Studies Abroad Consortium
  3. Loop Abroad

Top Rated Internship Providers

  1. Meiji Internships
  2. Intern Abroad HQ
  3. Global Experiences

Top Rated Volunteer Providers

  1. African Impact
  2. International Volunteer HQ [IVHQ]
  3. GVI

Top Rated TEFL Providers

  1. International TEFL Academy
  2. i-to-i TEFL
  3. The TEFL Academy

Top Rated Language Schools

  1. That’s Mandarin
  2. Meiji Academy
  3. Maximo Nivel

Top Rated Gap Year Providers

  1. Pacific Discovery
  2. Carpe Diem Education
  3. EF Gap Year

Top Rated Teach Abroad Providers

  1. Korvia Consulting
  2. TravelBud
  3. Asian College of Teachers

Top Rated High School Abroad Providers

  1. Arcos Journeys Abroad
  2. World Class Programs
  3. Abbey Road Programs

Top Rated Adventure Travel Providers

  1. The High Desert Center
  2. International Medical Aid (IMA)
  3. InterExchange

Top Online Programs of 2022

goabroad top rated online programs 2022

Top Online TEFL Course

Top Online Internship

Top Online Language Course

Top Rated Notable Mentions

goabroad top rated notable mentions 2022
  • CIEE, Study Abroad
  • ArtBound Initiative, Intern Abroad
  • VACorps, Intern Abroad
  • Volunteer Encounter, Volunteer Abroad
  • Atlas Volunteers, Volunteer Abroad
  • Projects Abroad, Volunteer Abroad
  • International TEFL and TESOL Training, TEFL Courses
  • Premier TEFL, TEFL Courses
  • International College for Teachers and Trainers, TEFL Courses
  • Intercultural Outreach Initiative (IOI), Volunteer Abroad
  • African Conservation Experience, Volunteer Abroad
  • Travel For Teens, High School Abroad
  • College Year in Athens, Study Abroad
  • TeachTEFL, TEFL Courses


Want to be Top Rated next year?

Reviews matter! Social proof has become a huge influence in the world of sales and marketing, and international education is no different. Helpful, unbiased reviews from your program alumni can easily be the driving force behind acquiring new participants.

GoAbroad is excited to continue finding more ways to encourage, support, and reward all our partners who want to excel at gathering program reviews. We hope to see you on the list next year!

Here are our best resources to help you take your review strategy to the next level:

If you’d like personalized insight on how you can maximize your GoAbroad reviews, contact our reviews team. You can also check out our tips for gathering more GoAbroad Reviews and learn how to make it on our list of Top Rated Organizations and Programs for 2023.

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*Selection Process: Our Annual Top Rated Organizations and Online Programs are based on both quantity of reviews collected and overall ratings, as well as other measures of quality and participant satisfaction. All reviews counted were published in the 2022 calendar year.

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