“Why Do You GoAbroad?” Entrant Highlights

Why do you travel the world? What does it mean to YOU?

Throughout the “Why Do You GoAbroad?” giveaway, GoAbroad has been sharing entries with our social media communities–which encompass over 45,000 world travelers–and we’ve been pleased to receive such a variety of submissions! This giveaway has invited all who appreciate travel and international experiences to write a post and submit it for consideration on the GoAbroad Blog–including office directors, study abroad advisors, and even Presidents of companies.

Today on the GoAbroad Blog, we are featuring some of the most recent entries we’ve received so far for the giveaway. This Friday, January 20, 2012 at 11:59PM MST marks the conclusion of the giveaway, so there is still plenty of time to get your stories submitted! Visit the GoAbroad Giveaway Post for details on how to enter and enjoy each of the traveler’s unique stories below!

GoAbroad Features Entrants of "Why Do You GoAbroad"

1. Lauren Seibert

“For me, I want to prove not all Americans are insensitive, uncultured, self-absorbed, rich, bland. The truth is: we have our failings as a society, but we are diverse, ungroupable; a collection of differences. We come from everywhere, our skins shaded every color. Some of us don’t care about the world – but many of us do.”

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2. Jeremy

“I’d strongly suggest that everyone travel outside of the US and live in another country at least for a few months if not more. You’ll come to appreciate so many things about living in other places, including those things you took for granted living at home in the United States.”

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3. Walt F.J. Goodridge

“It is from this place of sincere respect for the power of communication in general, enhanced by the potential of the internet in particular, that I travel abroad, write, blog and “share what I know so that others may grow.”

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4. Zara Hegemann

“It is amazing to be in any town and have the possibility to go to any other city. I cannot wait for afternoon picnics and weekend trips to cities near and far in Germany.”

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5. Jorden

“I go abroad because I love to see how, despite the distance, we share so much in common (Harry Potter is well-loved everywhere). What I really cherish, however, is discovering how beautiful our differences are. Because to be a stranger in another country is to learn a little bit more about who I am.”

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6. Sabrina Carrender

“Everytime I go abroad I come back changed. It makes me feel like I can do anything! Each time I become wiser, more adaptable, more adventurous, and I come back with a handful or new friends that I’ve gotten to share incredible experiences with. One of my favorite part about going abroad is immersing yourself in the culture so that I can learn as much as I can about the people and the country I’m in.”

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7. Lesley D.

“Traveling helps you grow as a person. It lets you experience the world from other people’s perspectives, widening your worldview and helping you understand more about yourself. It can be challenging, as you face unfamiliar situations, and enlightening, as you come to realize what you really want out of life.”

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8. Maddie

“Many concerns filled my consciousness almost right away… All of that worrying came to a halt, though, when I realized that everyone else would likely be just as willing to have fun, travel, and discover new things about the world and themselves during the trip. I had nothing to lose, but everything to gain: skills in Spanish, travel experience, new friends, and invaluable opportunities to learn and grow.”

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9. Dana Yu

“Not only do I support going abroad, but independent travel is another stimulating adventure-form that can bring about some of the most surprising events…I never would have had such an incredible experience and met the individuals I have had I not gone abroad and had I not ventured out, even if only for one night, alone.”

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10. Jennifer Sullivan

“I don’t have extensive traveling experience as others do, but there is nothing that I enjoy or yearn for more. There is something about putting yourself in an unusual, even uncomfortable situation that makes me feel… comfortable.”

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11. James Williams

“I traveled abroad for one main reason: to broaden my horizons and immerse myself in many different cultures. “

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12. Sarah Bernhardt

“As an artist I believe it’s crucial to experience, first hand, historical works of art and architecture that are all around the world, as well experiencing and understanding the cultures that create art today.”

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13. Annie Freyschlag

“I travel abroad because I have seen the little faces of children who have never owned a pair of shoes, but walk two miles each day to school, wishing they had more books to read. I travel abroad because I am no longer content living this world where I have everything.”

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14. Shradha

“Cultural immersion and exploration of my roots played a big role in my decision but I also needed to see what healthcare was like here. There is an enormous disparity between the states and developing countries and that is what I came here to see… I didn’t come here to be comfortable. I came here to challenge myself and hopefully learn a little something about my own culture and global health.”

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15. Elena S.

“I go abroad because that’s how I learn and grow. Sure, I learned some useful things in my college courses and I’m proud of my Journalism degree that I achieved. But those classroom lessons aren’t near as memorable or thought provoking as the ones I experienced while traveling.”

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