Why You Should Add Class2Career to Your Internship Programs

“Global internships will become an important aspect of the way people design degrees.” -“Offering an edge: the rise of internships abroad”, The PIE News

“An internship abroad gives students an opportunity to experience business practices in another culture, learn a new language, and expand their professional network in a supportive environment,” Claire Lecoq, the industry relations director at Sommet Education in Switzerland, tells The PIE News.

International internships
Class2Career will become another essential device for your interns

Why is setting up an internship program mutually beneficial to you and interns?

Internship popularity has grown significantly over the past 10 years. These experiences continue to help cultivate mutually beneficial relationships between students and employers. Often an individual’s first foray into the professional world, internships are crucial for professional development—they provide otherwise inaccessible opportunities for networking and skill-building to current students and post grads. Meanwhile, employers are able to gain a firsthand look at their potential full-time hires by watching how students work and interact within their organization. Internship programs often become a key component in a company’s hiring strategy.

Internships, especially those of an international variety, amplify and open up students’ career opportunities. With an internship abroad, a student can build on or even acquire the skills of independence, decision-making, cross-cultural communication, foreign language, and more—all of which look stellar on a resume or CV. Perhaps most importantly, international internships appeal to parents, who often see more value and structure for their children in a career-building stint abroad rather than in study abroad (despite the fact both experiences have many of the same benefits), which, in turn, makes them more likely to invest in you.

International internships
Providing your interns with professional development is about to get a whole lot easier

How to set up an internship program that includes Class2Career

As the international internship market expands, how does your company’s internship program perform against competitors? This is an important question to consider, and Class2Career can help you answer it. As globalization continues to shrink our world, students are becoming more confident in going abroad, and frequently seeking out opportunities to do so before, during, and after college. One of the most intuitive choices for going abroad during college are internships, and there are currently thousands upon thousands of options for students to choose from. So how can you get students’ attention and make sure they choose your internship program?

Give your internship program a competitive edge by offering Class2Career with your company’s internship package! Not only will it set you apart from the rest and help you stand out to potential interns, it will also help give parents confidence to invest in your program. Students are, of course, always interested in the destination when it comes to internships abroad; however, they are just as interested in what they have to gain from an internship. After all, no one wants to give up a summer, semester, or full academic year just to wind up where they started. Class2Career will help students make the most of their internship abroad and help them easily find value in the way they’re spending their time.

International internships
Your interns will be much less stressed with Class2Career on their side!

We can teach you how to manage an intern with Class2Career

So, what do interns do with Class2Career? Class2Career is an online tool ideal for both international interns and study abroad participants. It provides a networking resource where students can record all contacts met while interning abroad—which could be critical in getting a job in the future. It also offers resources to study abroad students in the form of a digital workbook where they can realize and assess their strengths, all while documenting their experiences abroad. Additionally, Class2Career includes tips and tricks of the trade to help interns elevate their work experience and think more critically about job hunting.

Getting an internship is only the first step in a student’s career journey. Other critical steps, often overlooked, will make or break a student’s ability to convert an internship into a job. The Class2Career tool provides a special section on internships that will help students identify and fill gaps in their performance and gain inside knowledge on what should be done during an internship in order to stand out from other interns. We show students exactly how to position oneself for a future job offer or recommendation. Class2Career can create more professionally aware and competitive interns, and help catapult a student’s internship experience from ordinary to invaluable.

An excerpt from the Class2Career Internship Section:

“Working the internship  – make your impression starting day one!

So you have an internship! It might be in the US, or if you are really fortunate you have landed an internship abroad—YEAH and WOW! As hard as you have worked to get the internship, it will be over before you know it. These helpful tips should be INTERNALIZED BEFORE you start your internship.

Maximize the internship from day one vs. learning as you go – don’t waste valuable time.

Make no mistake about it—another word for INTERNSHIP is competition. You are competing against other interns, measuring up to the level of work of prior interns and yourself. Consider when you enter your internship company on day one, you are on stage and performing for the next 3 months.”

International internships
With Class2Career, interns will step out into the world with something to show for their time abroad

Class2Career will keep you ahead of the competition!

Stay ahead of your competitors and stand out to internship-seeking students with Class2Career. It will give your internship program the competitive edge it needs in today’s market. By offering Class2Career with your internship package, parents will find more bang for their buck, and students will rest assured that their time abroad won’t go wasted—which will all make your organization a surefire choice for future interns. Become the go-to, no-brainer choice of students everywhere with Class2Career!

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