Win the World & Volunteer With Project Favela in Brazil [Deadline Passed]

Today we bring you a feature as part of GoAbroad and STA Travel Win the World Contest, in which it could be YOU who wins the trip of a lifetime to South America to explore Peru, Brazil, and Argentina. In the interview below you can learn a bit more about what it would be like to volunteer in Brazil with Project Favela, one of the programs included in Win the World!

Volunteer Teachers in Brazil


1. What kind of volunteer is Project Favela seeking?

People that love kids and think that all children should be afforded a quality education and equal opportunities later in life. People that can be entertainers and clowns in the classroom in front of the kids. Very outgoing and and confident. Motivated and dedicated. People that truly are looking to make a difference!


Volunteers with Local Children in Brazil

2. Give us some background on the volunteer opportunities the Win the World Contest Winner will be able to take part in.

We teach classes starting at 9am until 4pm, Monday through Friday. Children are ages 3 to 12. We teach art, music, theater, math, English, geography, games and activities to over 100 kids every week. In the evenings we become a community center!


3. Why does Project Favela specifically focus on sustainable tourism in Rio? What about the destination sets it apart from others?

Total immersion into the real Rio de Janeiro! You will live in and experience the favela. In fact, it’s one of the largest favelas in Latin America. We’ve created a revenue stream in the community that did not exist before. This community gets a slice of the tourism pie in Rio. We bring the new revenue stream, a project making a difference, and by volunteers living there they are a catalyst for changing the mentalities of others about the favelas.


4. What are the accommodations like for Project Favela participants?

We having a very chill volunteer house. Nice deck, great view, safe, clean, roomy, airy, comfortable and great location above the school.


5. What is the number one thing to bring when volunteering in Brazil?

Bring your spirit for adventure and challenge.


6. What is one of the biggest learning experiences you think volunteers take away from volunteering in Rio?

We all share the same ideas, problems, worries, hopes, dreams, but some of us have an easier path than others for nothing more than skin color or birth-right. One person can make a difference. We are all on the same rock spinning through space.


7. Anything else volunteers should know about Rio de Janeiro, Brazil?

The only thing you will regret is not doing this!


View from Favela, Brazil


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